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My love affair with macrame began a few years ago. I owned an adult crafting studio and was, therefore, constantly learning new crafts. Since there was a huge resurgence in macrame, it made my list of crafts to try. I had no idea how much I would love it, but it really is like yoga for your hands and for your mind.

The best part about macrame is that it’s fairly easy to create something that looks spectacular. With just a few, basic knots you can create a masterpiece that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. And you get to gloat that you totally made it!

Here are 3 basic knots that will get you started on your macrame journey. Please be patient with yourself because your macrame project will not turn out very good if you get all stressed out about it AND it’s supposed to be fun! With these three knots you can create fun wall hangings, plant hangers, and more.

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Lark’s Head Macrame Knot

Step 1- Cut a length of string twice the length you want it to hang. Fold it in half and place the loop over a dowel rod, twig, embroidery hoop, or whatever your work is going to hang from.

Step 2- Pull the loop down and reach your thumb and pointer finger through the loop.

Step 3- Grab the legs or the ends of your string and pull them through the loop.

Step 4- Pull the legs or ends of your string to tighten the knot. This knot just attaches your string to whatever you want your work to hang from.

Spiral Knot

For the spiral knot, you will be using 4 stands at a time. The 2 stands in the middle are just along for the ride as you will only be working with the outside 2 strands.

Step 1- Take the strand on the left and cross it over the middle 2 strands (A).

Step 2- Take the right strand and bring it over the left strand (B).

Step 3- Then take the right strand behind the middle 2 strands and through the loop formed by the left strand (C).

Step 4- Pull snug, but not tight. If you pull your knots too tight they will lose definition.

Repeat those steps for as long as you would like making sure to always start with the left strand. As your work starts to spiral, you can turn your work in the same direction as the spiral so you are not fighting with the spiral. Basically you will just take the right strand and make it the left strand. Always start the actual knot with the strand on the left though.

Square Knot

The square knot is a continuation of the spiral knot. In the instructions above you always start with the left strand which is what makes your work twist. The square knot ensures that your work stays nice and flat.

Follow the instructions for the spiral knot, but once you have completed one knot start the next one with the right strand. The pattern is the same only starting on the opposite side. The right strand comes over the two in the middle. Then the left strand comes over the right, behind the two in the middle, and through the loop you made with the right strand. That’s it! Easy peasy. So then you just alternate starting first with the left strand and then with the right strand.

Want more craft tutorials? Of course you do!! Make sure to check out our “Let’s Make Things” section for more fun things to make at home.

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